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A brand new copper countertop.                    

Copper Island Countertop

A copper countertop after ten years of service. Simply cleaned with a water damp sponge.  A natural patina finish.

Indoor Copper Countertop


Copper is an old world metal that we want to install in our new world because of its antimicrobial properties. We know it will help control and eliminate viruses and bacterias where it's installed. Search the internet and read about copper vs viruses and copper vs bacteria. We can form copper sheets to cover a variety of surfaces, line walls, ceilings and floors. Pathogens, such as coronavirus, will be destroyed within hours of contact with copper.

Cost of Copper vs Stainless Steel

Copper has very specific applications. For areas you decide to use it this is the cost difference.

The price of metals fluctuate.  At 4/9/20 prices a typical sheet of Stainless Steel that we work with costs $189.00 and a similar size and thickness sheet of copper costs $600.00. Labor and equipment to fabricate is approximately the same. So the only difference to providing a surface of Stainless Steel or a surface of Copper is material cost. Copper is approximately three times more expensive. A $2,500 job in Stainless would cost $7,500 in copper.

In facilities where volumes of people are coming and going Copper can be strategically used to reduce the transmission of pathogens.

Copper is self disinfecting twenty-four hours a day.

Copper kills coronaviruses and bacteria but health experts are not informed.

Copper is great at killing superbugs - so why don't hospitals use it?

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